Serving Healthy Eggs

We provide free-range eggs that are fresh and of high-quality for Melbourne and Geelong regions.

Kossies Free Range Eggs

Eat Healthy Eggs

Kossies Free Range Eggs produces the freshest and high-quality of free-range chicken eggs. We have been in the poultry business for over 15 years now, serving the dietary needs of Melbourne and Geelong region.

Fresh Eggs

Our outdoor chickens lay eggs in a truly free-range farm that provides the best and hygienic environment for the birds. Up to 750 chickens enjoy 1 hectare of land giving them plentiful space to be raised in.

The freedom in which the chickens grow up creates a conducive atmosphere to hatch high-quality eggs. Our chickens are pasture raised with mobile shedding.

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The chickens we raise are not administered any kind of steroids. We do not put the chickens to any torture or inhuman conditions, but allow them to grow in a free and open farm.

Even the farms that the chickens graze on are fed with non-chemical fertilizers.

  • Kossies Free Range Eggs

    Complying to Norms

We comply with all statutory laws of the Australian government in handling, raising, and grazing chicken.

We are sensitive to the egg-eating habits of Australians and ensure that every egg that we sell meets all standards and regulations.